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“I have scheduled a meeting with Ron Bethurum, HME on 9-11 at 2:00pm. I will be accompanied by my associate, Mr. Bill Kelly. Bill has more than 30 years of Applied Coating contracting experience. His company, Resurfacing Specialists has placed more than a million feet of Epoxy and other coatings. Resurfacing Specialists has a track record of successful performance with many national accounts and has applied coatings clients throughout the United States.”

— Ralph O. Godfrey


Homeowners Worst Nightmare.jpg

Homeowner's Worst Nightmare

“I have worked with Mr. Bill Kelly of Resurfacing Specialists for approximately 20 years. My work as a moisture intrusion and correction consultant for 45 years demands professional correction of moisture intrusion sources. I have always relied on Resurfacing Specialists to consult with, make correction recommendations and prepare and install the moisture membrane systems as necessary on concrete surfaces to prevent future flooring failures. Resurfacing Specialists are reliable and get the work done on time to the satisfaction of my residential clients. I highly recommend Resurfacing Specialists to anyone with a wet slab and/or high moisture vapor emission rate."

— James Mosier


We have successfully sealed the concrete surfaces in over 300 apartment units for R&V Management throughout San Diego during the past 4 years.


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